Aduro Clean Technologies CEO Discusses Major Progress

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Robin Lefferts

Published on

Sep 26, 2022

Last updated

Sep 26, 2022

Aduro Clean Technologies Inc. (CSE: ACT) (OTCQB: ACTHF) (FSE: 9D50) has been developing its patented Hydrochemolytic™ platform for the last several years and is on the verge of commercialization. The technology has been proven capable of transforming a wide variety of low value or waste feedstocks (like post-consumer plastics, inedible and used vegetable oils, and very heavy crude oil) into high value products that can be utilized across several industries. In each vertical, Hydrochemolytic™ processing offers major advantages over current standard methodologies.

In general, Hydrochemolytic™ technology facilities require less capital expenditure to set up, are more adaptably scaled from very small to very large, and operate more efficiently and economically than systems that are common in the marketplace today. Aduro has proven the platform can work in the lab and is in the process of building three pilot-scale facilities that will accomplish a number of corporate objectives and enable full commercialization of the Hydrochemolytic™ platform.

Aduro is at a pivotal stage of its development. The first pilot scale reactor to come online (in the next month or so) will be in Canada, where Aduro has an existing agreement with a confidential company to upgrade bitumen (raw, very heavy crude oil used for paving) into lighter crude oil that is more transportable and can be used to create many higher value and more desirable products. This reactor will enable the company to engage in similar test programs with other clients, and Aduro already has a Letter of Intent to develop a plant in conjunction with Prospera Energy that will be capable of processing 3,000 barrels/day.

On the plastics recycling side, Aduro intends to complete two pilot projects, one in Canada and one in the Netherlands, by the end of the year or so. These projects will enable further customer engagements with companies looking to turn post-consumer plastics of almost any type into usable and profitable recycled products.

Here, we take a look at a very recent interview with Aduro’s CEO Ofer Vicus. He discusses the pilot projects, what their development means for the company and its shareholders, Aduro’s financial position, and more.

In this first clip, Mr. Vicus talks about the imminent completion of Aduro’s first pilot-scale bitumen reactor. Click the link to see this segment.
In the next segment, Mr. Vicus covers the technology advancements driven by the bitumen process and how those advancements informed the development of the plastics recycling program. Go to this section of the interview.
Here, Mr. Vicus discusses the engagement with Prospera Energy, how it reflects and enables the company’s prudent approach to funding its projects, and the advancement to the commercial operation contemplated by the agreement. See this segment.
In this section, Mr. Vicus addresses Aduro’s future financing needs, its focus on non-dilutive measures, and the impact of pilot project income on its ability to scale operations. Click to see the discussion.
In the final segment, Mr. Vicus talks about the priorities for the company in the near term. He discusses the parallel development of both the bitumen and plastics reactors, the focus on meeting the needs of partners, and how that focus shapes next steps. See this section here.
Aduro Clean Technologies (CSE: ACT) (OTCQB: ACTHF) (FSE: 9D50) represents an early stage investment with near term revenue opportunities in the very large markets of oil processing and plastics recycling. The company estimates the total addressable market in North America alone is over $100 billion. Follow along for more developments as Aduro moves into its full commercialization phase.

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